Boards for PIC18F46K22

The boards I have designed for this excellent 8bit microcontroller which I see it as a decent alternative for ATmega microcontrollers. It come with more features and definitely much more cheaper.

1. "All-In-One" development board


This board can be seen in detail at TheBackShed forums. I chose to present it also here because I can update the content as per board's evolution. The original description was:

It is a home made 100x75 mm single-sided development board designed to put the PIC18F46K22 on a trial to see how it behaves compared to a Sanguino board. It is still on a "almost ready" state but can be used as it is. I chose to have it instead of a "Sanguino breadboard" style board which, together with a big breadboard would have occupied a lot of space on my small office.

Currently, I started developing code for this board in Jalv2, PMP and C18 compilers.

C18 code for it

Here I will publish links to articles describing libraries and applications in MPLAB C18 for this board - acting as a placeholder.

Update: An XC8 functions library under development at github. And a more recent one for SDCC C compiler at but first, read this page.

2. "Il Pinguino Rosso" breadboard

A Sanguino replica should be red? Well, not really. It should be breadboard-able? Not even that, I think... It should be enough to offer at least the minimum functionality at an equal speed. And PIC18F46K22 does just that and a little more. Yep, the microcontroller is the key, not the form. Anyway, I just did one red and breadboard-able. Now, to work on the functionality... And speaking of witch, the Pinguino project may come in handy. Well, not the Wiring parser, but the C code per se.

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